One provider, covering different classes of trade

Our experience and diversity allow us to be a single-stop provider and solution for all of your needs. The Reese Group covers nine distinctly different classes of trade in addition to our Military coverage:

  • Reese Retail Grocery/Supermarket
  • Reese Value/Discount
  • Reese Drug/Mass/Office
  • Reese Specialty Food
  • Reese General Merchandise/Non Foods
  • Reese Perishable
  • Reese Convenience Sales
  • Reese Tobacco, Wine, and Spirits
  • Reese Military

Retail Grocery/Supermarket

The original foundation of our company providing professional services in traditional grocery markets.


Our Value/Discount team focuses solely on all dollar, discount and value customers across the U.S.


Created in 1989 to provide worldwide sales, Reese Military works with DeCA and all military Exchanges in support of our troops and our clients.

Mass Market/Office

One of the fastest growing segments in the industry and one of the most established.


The drug store trade utilizes a very targeted approach to the business and we apply the same approach with our clients.

Tobacco/Wine & Spirits

Tobacco/Wine & Spirits is one of the fastest growing trade classes within Reese since its creation in 2012.


The Convenience Store trade offers a unique opportunity to sell product to all demographics.

Specialty Foods

The Reese Group is the preeminent leader in specialty food.

General Merchandise

General Merchandise is a diverse trade class that Reese Group has been successfully selling for over twenty years.


Providing wall to wall perishable coverage including produce, meat, frozen and dairy in all classes of trade.